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geared machine for elevator

Easy to install

All and any ITG hoisting machines for elevator are extremely compact, so small as to find few other similar examples on the market, making them  simple to install and friendly for installers.

Clean and durable design

All ITG geared and gearless machines, as well our elevator components are designed to be extremely durable, but also for reduced  maintenance.

Certified excellence

The innovation and the quality of the ideas being developed at ITG have allowed us to obtain the "Seal Of Excellence Label", reserved for European companies that have submitted innovation projects to the European Commission that have passed  strict assessment criteria  based on various evaluation parameters

The strictest quality control

All  elevator geared and gearless machines, as well as the ITG elevator components are subject to rigorous testing. For traction units the test foresees cycles under load, simulating their operation at full load in the elevator in which they have to  be installed.

Constant development

At ITG, we are never satisfied and we continue to constantly improve our products and our assembly systems, as well as all our business processes. We are able to support our customers allowing them to obtain the best of success with the installation and use of our lift traction units.

Certified respect of the rules

Our ethics and our professionalism have led us not only to the certifications provided by the European standard EN.81: 2014 20 & 50 and by  other regulations in force for the lift industry, but also to certify the most important features of our units traction and our lift components.

True and full Italian quality at the right price

At ITG, all certifications are genuine, from Euro 1 certificates, because we really use components and raw materials of preferential origin, to the GS1 registration of our bar codes.

In a reality where everyone first offers a price, we strive to provide a product having a real valule for money.

We don't sell plastic at the price of iron and  we appreciate Customers evaluating the quality, and the product and service offered by the Manufacturer as a whole


Geared machines for elevator


Italian Top Gears produces various models of  geared machines for elevator for capacities from 250 to 1600 kilos in 1: 1 suspension and offered in multiple variants for different speeds, multiple engine variants and a large number of traction pulley diameters.


Italian Top Gears geared machines for elevator  are all distinguished by static load at the top of their various categories, by the small size, by the monolithic worm screws and with hard casing  and tempering, by the internal and external oil seals and by the generous size of their bearings, offering a complex of unique range of features that aren't be fully reflected in other similar products



Gearless machines for elevators

ITG gearless machines  for elevator combine all the salient features of our product philosophy: extremely small dimensions, robustness and high performance. The 24, 32 and 34 pole permanent magnet motors produce the highest linearity of operation and the most linear torque development . Equipped with high quality magnets not subject to loss of efficiency at normal operating temperatures and which do not oxidize over time, the ITG gearless are designed to last a long time.

ITG gearless units are always equipped with windings designed specifically for the application they are intended for,  for payload, speed and supply voltage, so as to be able to  guarantee the best energy efficiency.



Geared, gearless machines and lift components


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We design and manufacture our geared and gearless machines, and lift components with competence and passion.

Our mission is to offer average superior products created by professionals for professionals of the elevator Industry and to follow them with the best pre and post sales service.

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