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These are the Title and Description widgets for the Fluid gallery. To make it work with the gallery, enter the name of the category that you are using on the Fluid. In this case LINKS, VIDEOS & IMAGES.


To change the font for each one, select the widegt and change the font in the Text panel.


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Fluidly responsive

ITG Prodigy gearless machines








Small, with smooth operations like silk and boasting a really high energy efficiency. The ITG PRODIGY GEARLESS machines react smoothly to every impulse they receive, because their 24 or 32 pole motors  have been designed for having the lowest torque ripple and the outmost efficiency. Discover all the models of range of ITG Prodigy Gearless  machines, you will see that each of them has unique and unusual features

ITG "Topolino"
ITG "Gigio"


The LINKS button is a widget if for adding  links to the thumbnails in the Fluid gallery (Fluid_Video&Link).


The IMAGES is a widget for images only in the Fluid gallery. And is used only to open an image light-box when the thumbnail is clicked.


The VIDEO button is a widget for Videos only in the Fluid gallery. And it is used only to open a light-box to play a Vimeo or Youtube video when the thumbnail is clicked (Fluid_Video&Link).



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