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After the agreements for the distribution of their traction units in Jordan and Lebanon have expired with the Companies belonging to Bonex sas, ITG has started the distribution of its traction units in these markets. At the same time  ITG, without prejudice to its obligations in terms of product warranty, interrupted any other form of co-operation with the Company Bonex. Customers who have purchased ITG traction units from Bonex sas can directly refer to ITG for any need they may have.






ITG is completing the final phase of the development of its new gearless drive unit: the "ITG 06 frameless".


The ITG 06 is a 34-pole gearless machine capable of developing the nominal torque of 1,900 Nm and designed for nominal loads of up to 2,500 kg in 2:1 roping and speed  from 0.5 to 2 meters per second.


ITG 06 can be equipped with traction sheaves having diameters of 320, 400, 450 and 500 mm.


The "Curén" ventilated versions combine the smallest footprint with the highest performance of the traction units.

December 2018

The SRM (Synchronous Reluctance Motor) project of Italian Top Gears for the development of the range of traction units without permanent magnets is co-funded by the European Union under the EASME "Horizon 2000" program.

The Horizon 2020 SME lnstrument is an initiative to support innovative SMEs with high growth potential, and aiming to achieve tangible benefits in terms of:


Energy: efficiency supports the transition to a secure, clean and efficient energy system far Europe, enhancing the 2007-2013 lntelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme;


Environment: the Horizon 2020 (climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials challenge seeks to establish climate change resilience and a sustainable use of natural resources throughout the EU economy.


The SynRM traction units will have an impact on the everyday life of all of us, contributing to the realization of safer lifts as they are driven by simpler and more reliable traction units than any other currently adopted technology currently, they will contribute to more comfortable elevators, as well as facilitate energy saving and environmental protection, because in the future there will be no magnets to dispose of. Thanks to the integration of the traction units to the world of the “Internet of Things”, the ITG SynRM machines will further contribute to the safety of the systems thanks to the possibility to have remote diagnostic systems and make the maintenance conditions of the lift systems easier and therefore cheaper.

In addition, the ITG SynRM traction units will make the European economy less dependent on the supply of rare earth magnets not available on our continent and will fully fall into the more modern concept of circular economy.


ITG Special Edition


To celebrate the achievement of the fifty thousand machines produced, we have created a special commemorative edition of the machines of the ITG 130 and ITG 160 series.


The machines belonging to the special edition are distinguished by the blue and gray coliur scheme and their gear case is characterized by additional longitidinal ribs. The traditional ITG logo made of cast iron in the box is replaced by a three-dimensional logo and coated with resin, while the word "Italy" remains unchanged in the mold.


The machines that are part of Special Eidtion are marked by the presence of a specific three-dimensional label and by a certificate of originality that indicates the serial number of each machine.



May 2016




ITG reports that it has no cooperation with the Chinese company "Top Drive", which participated in the recent trade fair held in Shanghai in such a way that it created confusion and disruption in the market, adopting a brand similar to that of ITG. and disseminate commercial documentation made with the graphics and colors of the ITG, as well as having exhibited some traction units that seem servile imitations of some models of ITG, as well as others clearly copied from the models of another well-known Italian company that were already copied from another Chinese company, which results in a copy of the copies.


By emphasizing once again that there is no cooperative relationship with the Chinese company in question, the ITG reports that it has undertaken against it the most appropriate legal activities for the protection of its image, its intellectual property and its brand.


September 2016



The ITG 125 is a new electromechanical drive unit which is the threshold of the ITG range.


Designed for installations with machine room, the ITG 125 provides mechanical and electrical innovative solutions as part of its traditional design and has been developed for elevator systems with speeds of up to one meter per second and contact load up to 6 people, with VVVF and AC2 motors.


The industrial production of the ITG 125 will take place within the year 2016.

September 2016

 ITG "Topolino" Developed thanks to the experience gained with the ITG “Gigio” , one of the most appreciated compact gearless traction units in homelift segment, the ITG "Topolino" is a brand new 14 poles gearless traction machine specifically designed to use plastic covered ropes and to produce the maximum possible energy efficiency. As with all our gearless machines, the ITG "Topolino" is characterized by the exceptionally reduced dimensions: width of only 203 mm, hight of 230 mm and 590 mm in length for the version for 675 kg. The ITG "Topolino"is available in six different versions, for payloads included between 480 and 1050 kg, for elevators in 2: 1 roping , and for each of these versions it will be available the version with lateral traction sheave and the one with the central traction sheave.



The growth of Italian Top Gears has imposed to move to  new and larger facilities, located just a few hundred meters from the old one.


The new facilities offer more than double of the space of the previous one, and have allowed to devote one side of the building to a machining area and to the assembly lines of the geared traction units, and the other side to the operations devoted to the gearless machines and to the machines for dumb-waiters.


The new facilities have also allowed to further improve the manufacturing processes, thanks to the thanks to the adoption of new systems and equipment.


The move to the new facilities shall also allow Italian Top Gears to further expand its operations and volume of production.



ITG Shanghai reception
ITG Shanghai
Gearless machine ITG 03
Gearless machine Top Gears 102
Gearless machine ITG 101
ITG Gigio New Brake
ITG gearless machine Gigio A

Italian Top Gears has entered into a Sino-Italian Joint Venture Company, ITALIA TOP GEARS SHANGHAI, for the design, manufacturing and distribution of elevator traction machines for the Chinese domestic market.


ITG Shanghai avail itself of a full range of gearless machines designed on purpose and tailored on the specific needs of the Chinese market, varying from traction units for home-lifts, but designed for the use of 200 and 240 millimetres traction sheaves  and having the speed of 0,4 metre per second, up to gealress machines for freight and passengers elevators having the pyalod up to 2.000 kg and speed up to 2 metre per second.



July 2015



 In order to complete the development of its Synchronous Magnetic Reluctance Motor, Italian Top Gears has entered into a working co-operation with an Italian Company specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic drives for brushless motors.


The target is to make available a complete package, including the SMR gearless and its specific drive, perfectly tailored and matched with the specifications of the motor, and ready to be connected to the control panel of the elevator.


It is certainly worth to wait a little longer, but the ITG SMR gearless promises to be a real technology breakthrough for the whole elevator Industry.



ITG synchronous magnetic reluctance gearless

April 8th,  2013

The ITG “Gigio” and ITG 03 and 04 DIVERSIFIED GEARLESS TECHNOLOGY Technology at the service of the "home lift" The 'traction units ITG "Gigio" has been specifically conceived to make available a technologically advanced traction unit to the "home lift” systems. The ITG "Gigio" is a gearless traction unit with permanent magnet motor that revives, with the small footprint, the essential characteristics of the ITG gearless units. THE ITG "Gigio" delivers impressive performance in terms of efficiency, and for the typical European home lift application its power is limited down to 0,48 kW, while the current is of 1,6 A only.
Designed for outstanding performance and easy installation The traction units ITG 03 and ITG 04 have been designed for the better balance between performance, quality and cost of the product. Thanks to their outer diameter limited to 320 mm, the drive units ITG 03 and ITG 04 have dimensions closer to those of machines designed far lower payloads, but definitely not common among those that have been designed for payloads from 800 to 1450 kilograms. The compact size of and other peculiarities make ITG 03 and ITG 04 particularly flexible and able to simplify any installation requirement. Details making the difference The magnets SmCo are not subject to oxidation and offer the best characteristics of reliability over the time, as well as better performance at high temperature. Their assembly, achieved via a mechanical coupling and special adhesives, guarantees that they can never become detached from the rotor, in front of any condition. The 32 poles design of the motor ensures the absence of vibrations, the better smoothness of operation and the more homogeneous torque development.
ITG gearless ITG 03
ITG 03 italian 32 pole gearless machine

May 15th,  2012

ITG 160



A robust and stocky blue collar for real heavy duty tasks The ITG 160 has been designed for payloads included between 800 and 1200 kg. It is a perfect balance between quality, sturdiness and economy. Designed for heavy duty applications, the ITG 160 offers a variety of solutions for different motors, traction sheaves, and reduction ratios, thus allowing having a solution for any possible need. The ITG 160 is extremely small and compact and is up to 13 centimetres lower, up to 8 centimetres shorter and up to 5 centimeters narrower than other machines of the same segment. However, the ITG 160 does not sacrifice the size of its vital organs and bearings, which boast an extremely generous dimensioning. Unchallanged static load With its 5200 kilograms the ITG 160 has the higher static load of it segment and is perfectly suitable for installations with heavy car frames and cabins and offers a level of safety largely higher than many of its competitors.
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