IS BRONZE ALL THE SAME? Many Manufacturers of geared hoisting machines for elevators claim to use more bronze for their crown wheels than others, but is the quantity the only discriminating factor to ensure the quality of a bronze gear, its durability and its level of security? It is not. This is the reason why at ITG we pay special attention and care in choosing the best chemical composition of materials and regularly check their correspondence with the design features, to ensure the highest level of safety and durability. WHAT ABOUT STEEL? Also steel are not all the same and for this reason at ITG we use steel with no lead, no titanium, and no chemical elements which would allow faster and easier machining, but won’t grant the best possible mechanical features. WHAT ABOUT BEARINGS? Here we go again, is it enough to simply use bearings from well-known Brands, or is it essential to have the correct size for them? At ITG we treat both aspects, since using bearings of excellent Brand without generously size them would not produce any practical advantage. AND WHAT ABOUT PERMANENT MAGNETS? Are NdFe-B magnets producing better performance at high temperature than SmCo5? They are not, and for this reason at ITG we use only SmCo5 permanent magnets. Furthermore, contrary to the NdFeB, the magnets in SmCo5 are not subject to oxidation and do not rust.