What creates quality? Everyone strives to be the best at what they do. Quality is often mentioned as the secret ingredient that makes the difference in whether a Company simply survives or truly succeeds. But when you are creating an experience, not a physical good, how do you define quality? How do you create it? Fine-tuned details elevate something that could be mundane to a memorable, remarkable experience. In our world of e-learning, simulations, and media experiences, the same principle holds true. The details matter. It’s in the details that a quality experience is born. Even if 90 percent of the audience doesn’t notice a particular detail, the 10 percent that does will feel they’re part of something exceptional. With enough moments of care in an experience, the level of quality is elevated. What is quality and how do you create it? It is clear that whether you are in the hospitality Industry or the learning Industry, in the mechanical Industry or in the elevator one, attention to detail produces quality and thus transforms ordinary interactions into impactful experiences. At ITG we believe our quality ought to be based on the intrinsic rate of the product and on what we have to offer for our before and after sales services, producing details of physical quality and service quality above average.