Thanks to its exclusive distributor for Iran, SEKA Sematic Karan Air Group,  Italian Top Gears attended the event "Liftex 2016" in Tehran.


On the occasion of "Liftex 2016",  ITG has had the opportunity to meet many of their local Customers, who have expressed their appreciation for the ITG traction units.


The high professionalism and dedication to its clients of SEKA allow the ITG traction units to be more and more known and established in the Iranian market. SEKA, in fact, is able to provide the most qualified and timely support before and after sales that, in a Nation of great extension like Iran, has a role of even greater importance than in others.



Through Northern Advanced Establishment, the ITG traction machines have been exhibited on the occasion of the first exhibition completely devoted to the elevators and escalators Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The ITG gearless and geared traction machines for elevators, already used from quite some time in Saudi Arabian market, thanks to the "Saudi WSEE 2015" have been known by a larger user base, composed by the industry people who constantly crowded the stand of Northern Advanced Establishment .


At the "Interlift 2015" ITG and its Distributors "Bonex" and "Gravit" have introduced the final version of its innovative gearless traction drive without permanent magnets: the ITG RM 01, with synchronous magnetic reluctance motor, which has been already patented by ITG in 2011 and which has been completed by the  electronics control developed by TDE Macno. Besides the ITG RM 01, the "Interlift 2015" ITG has revealed its new traction units for dumbwaiter ITG 075 and 090.





ITG has participated at the "Technology Days" held in Stockholm  on May 19th, 2015. The "Technology Days" are events organised by "ANIE Assoascensori", the branch of the General Confederation of the Italian Industry devoted to the elevator Industry, for favouring meetings among Italian Companies and others from other Countries.



Italian Top Gears has exhibited its range of traction units at the Lift Expo Russia 2015, in co-operation with the Company NLM,  which uses ITG machines for their elevators and distribute them among other Users. The Lift Expo Russia 2015 has allow the ITG staff to meet with their existing Russian Customers.




Thanks to its Turkish Distributors "Gravit", ITG has had the change of participating to the "Asansor Istanbul 2015". The highly skilled team of Gravit has granted to ITG the most professional approach to the Turkish market, where the Company is moving its first steps, already underlined by a sound success.

Italian Top Gears


The WEE Expo 2014 has been the perfect opportunity for introducing "ITG Shanghai" to the Chinese market Operators. The new JV Company has exhibited not only the Italian Top Gears traction units made in Italy, but also the first machines specifically designed for the Chinese domestic market.






Held in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  in August 2014, the Expo Elevador  has allowed ITG to create awareness of its traction units for elevators also among the South American Customers, who have deeply appreciated the features of the ITG geared and gearless machines. Thanks to this event, ITG is now exporting its machines also to South America

 INTERLIFT 2013 At the Interlift 2013 ITG has displaied the working prototype of its magnetic reluctance gearless machine SyncRM, whose electronic control final development stage is ongoing. In addition to the synchronous magnetic reluctance gearless, ITG has introduced to the market the production version of its compact gearless machine for home lifts: the ITG "Gigio", which has been particularly appreciated for its features of compactness, flexibility of use and very high efficiency.



ITG exhibits at the Asansor 2013 in Istanbul together with Bonex, the ITG Distributors for several Arabic markets, and reveals two totally new traction units: the revolutionary “Gigio”, the new gearless traction unit specifically designed for homelifts, and the newest gearless machines ITG 03 and ITG 04 designed for payloads up to 1450 kg. In addition, ITG has exhibited for the first time to the International show comers its new geared hoisting machine ITG 160 and the traction units for dumbwaiters ITG 070 and ITG 090. The co-operation between ITG and Bonex, thank's to the unchangelled reputation of this latter Company in the markets of the Mediterranean rim and in the Arab Countries, has  brought a massive number of visitors to the ITG booth



ITG has participated at the “Lift Expo Russia” 2013 in Moscow, where it has been exhibiting all its newest machines, as well as products of its well establish product line ITG “130 series”.


At the Lift Expo Russia 2013, ITG has received an important accolade, since it has received the prize for the most interesting International booth.


Although ITG machines have already been exported to Russia and to CIS Countries, for many Companies operating in the elevator Industry  the “Lift Expo Russia” 2013 has been a precious chance for appreciating the features and the quality of the ITG traction machines.






ITG exhibits at the Lift 2012 Exhibition of Kielce, and reveals to the Polish market its range of geared and gearless traction units, together with its component parts for elevators.


For ITG  the fair in Kielce was an excellent opportunity to make their products known to Customers from Eastern Europe, especially from the CIS Countries, who appreciated the specification, the design and the manufacturing of the ITG machines.





ITG attends at the Interlift 2011 in Augsbug and reveals its brand new geared hoisting machines ITG 130 series, together with the new permanent magnets gearless machines ITG 01 and ITG 02-100 and ITG 02-200.


At the Interlift, I.T.G. reveals also the prototype of its new gearless machine without permanent magnets, based on the synchronous magnetic reluctance technology.


The attendance of I.T.G. at the Interlift 2011 has been a real success, both for the amount of qualified International show comers, and for the extremely positive acceptance of the new products.