Gearless hoisting machine ITG 05



The ITG 05 is a range on its own of gearless machines tailored for payloads included between 630 and 1000 kg., and although being visually similar to the ITG 03 and ITG 04 machines, the ITG 05 machines have totally different and specific PM motors.


Equipped with traction sheaves having the diameter of 240 and  320mm, the ITG 05 variants are available for speeds varying from 0,5 up to 1,75 metres per second.


The static load of the ITG 05  is of 3.200 in all directions.


Thanks to the  SmCo magnets, the ITG 05 range or products produces the best performance also with high working temperatures, and its magnets are not prone to rust over the time.


The 32 pole concentrated bobbins motor assures the best possible performance with  the most compact dimensions, and the width of the ITG 05 is only 320mm.