Our quality concept is well defined and based upon the assumption that simplicity and robustness, already sought at the designing stage, always produce the best result.


For example, many Manufacturers of geared hoisting machines define their products better and safer than others because they claim to use more bronze for their crown wheels. The coefficients of safety are important to ITG and  we presume to have established a new standard in this regard because, unlike others, we do not worry only the quantity of bronze, but of its intrinsic quality, the stability of its chemical composition and structure, constantly checking the size and distribution of the grain because, in fact, a huge amount of  bronze of poor quality does not offer any guarantee of safety and durability.


Similarly, some Manufacturers have used the monolithic construction of the shafts of their machines, neglecting one aspect: the need to check each individual piece to verify the absence of cracks and inclusions that, if present, may produce a high hazard for safety. How many of them are in condition  to perform such test, and how many are really willing to perform it?


At ITG we prefer to follow another concept: keep it simple and sturdy. Do you want a concrete example of this? Then, please, check the static load of our machines and that of other machines of the same class.