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Máquinas gearless ITG para elevadores, elevadores domésticos y montacargas


Máquinas sin engranajes ITG

Pequeñas, con un movimiento fluido como la seda y con una eficiencia energética realmente alta.

Las máquinas gearless ITG para ascensores reaccionan de manera fluida a cada impulso que reciben, porque sus motores de 24 o 32 polos han sido diseñados para tener la ondulación de par mínimo y la máxima eficiencia. Descubra todos los modelos de la amplia gama de máquinas gearless para elevadores ITG, verá que cada uno tiene características únicas e innovadoras


ITG geared machines

All ITG geared machines, whatever their application,  ensure the highest level of safety and reliability. They have been designed to last a long time and are tested, one by one, with complete and advanced control instruments that allow to verify the efficiency of each single phase of the electric motor in addition to the average one, the speed of rotation of the motor, its electrical absorption, the efficiency of the motor and the overall efficiency of the machine, the control of the correct operation of the brake and its current absorption and sound level.

Each ITG geared elevator machine leaves the assembly line only if the vibration level does not exceed 0.6mm / second square. To better understand this value, we invite you to check the vibration level of other machines.

Finally, each geared ITG machine leaves the assembly line with the brake perfectly adjusted and the adjustment position marked.

Máquinas gearless para elevadores

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